A work of art inspired by PARADISE

True Jazz is a living, breathing thing. Melodies dance about, changing and shifting as different instruments take the forefront. A smooth piano solo flows into a trumpet riff that inspires a bouncing bass take over, which creates a new foundation—leading the whole lot to start all over again, continuing to create something new and beautiful.

Like the incredible attention and collaboration that exists in jazz music, we were inspired to create an art project that would take place throughout the run of Paradise Blue, with help from and in collaboration with Ashley Clark from the Polly Ulrich Art for Joy program. Audience members were encouraged to add their mark to the canvas, drawing inspiration from others who had painted before them. The result was a definitively unique piece of art that constantly evolved, changed directions, and ultimately united into an honest, inspired, and truly collaborative masterpiece.

While the production has closed, we invite you to take a look back at the process of creating this work and the beautiful end result, via the time lapse video below. A huge thank you and congratulations to all who participated and helped create something very special!

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  1. dara Sanders

    The play was wonderful how staff was courteous and knowledgeable always helpful it’s a pleasure to come to the timeline Theatre

  2. Judy Christoffersen

    What a great idea…Collaboration at its best!
    A fabulous Work of Art to celebrate another fabulous Work of Art!!!
    Loved Paradise Blue!!!

  3. Karen Callaway

    What are you going to do with it?

    • TimeLine Theatre

      Hi Karen,

      Honestly, not sure yet! A topic of much discussion but no decision made.

  4. Claire Kohrman

    Thanks for showing this too us.