TimeLine’s mission is about making connections—between past and present, between art and audience, and between the issues that define our time and the future that we will build together.

Since our early beginnings, when six founders each pitched in $50 to launch TimeLine, we’ve worked toward a shared vision of becoming one of Chicago’s preeminent cultural institutions by creating a place that fosters meaningful conversations for a community of curious learners, explorers, and creators.

After years of working in rented facilities that don’t fully support our mission, now is the time to create a space to grow and innovate—a place that will elevate everything you love about TimeLine and support new artistic possibilities.


TimeLine is ready to create art in a home of our own. This dynamic new facility will be built with the intentionality that our ambitious artistic vision deserves and with the amenities to enhance the worlds we bring to life—both on stage through our season of plays and off stage through our interactive lobby exhibits.

Rooted in TimeLine’s values, our new home will reflect a deeper investment in our vision to be a prominent civic and artistic leader in Chicago and nationally, distinguished for creating experiences that make connections across our diverse communities and spark reflection and dialogue about the intersection of past, present and future.

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TimeLine is laying the foundation for our next era, establishing the first home of our own in Uptown at 5035 N. Broadway, creating a new cultural asset for Chicago. Far more than just a theatre, this inviting and accessible facility will be a welcoming gathering space for entertainment, education, and community engagement.

Joining other venerable performance venues in the historic Uptown Entertainment District, TimeLine’s new home is a celebration of where we’ve been and an invitation to where we can go. This dynamic space will fully support and enhance TimeLine’s mission, featuring:

  • An intimate and flexible, 250-seat black box theatre that can be re-imagined for every show
  • Exhibit galleries that enhance the production experience
  • Dedicated space for Living History students, education programming, and community gathering
  • Expanded social spaces, including a bar and café open day and night
  • Spacious and visible rehearsal room that invites a view of the art as it’s being made
  • Office and production space for our growing staff
  • Plus, opportunities for future expansion

We hope you will join us in taking this bold step together toward a new home, where everyone is welcomed and where great artistry collides with topics relevant to today’s social and political issues.

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To date, TimeLine has raised more than $37 million toward this new home project, through a combination of private philanthropy ($24.6 million raised to date) and public support ($12.9 million raised to date). Groundbreaking and construction will be able to commence once we reach 90% of the final overall project cost.

From Our Blog Behind the ‘Line
You can read more about some of the milestones in our new home project through these blog posts (listed most recent to least recent):

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TimeLine is grateful for the support and confidence shown by the investors in the campaign for our new home. A huge thank you to our incredible supporters for their generosity and for helping make our long-time dream into a reality.

View the list of It’s Time supporters (PDF) …

For more about how you can support TimeLine’s new home project,
please contact Chelsea Phillips, Director of Major Gifts
chelsea@timelinetheatre.com  |  (773) 281-8463 x116

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The Founders
Nick Bowling, Juliet Hart, PJ Powers
Our lead fundraisers on this campaign and the carriers of this long-held dream.

Board Leadership
William A. Obenshain, Maridee Quanbeck, Anne Voshel
Consulting on every step of this campaign and keeping us accountable to our community and mission.

Staff Leadership
Elizabeth K. Auman, Mica Cole, Chelsea Phillips
The strategists behind private and public dollars. Passionate about TimeLine’s need for a new home and the constituents we serve.

The Designers/Constructors
HGA, Bulley & Andrews, David Rotholz & Associates, Threshold Acoustics, Schuler Shook
They’re making it happen!

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Details as of 12/19/23