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Rooted in Greatness

TimeLine is proud to be part of a very special new public art project that launched this week: Rooted in Greatness—a first-of-its-kind video art exhibit showcasing and honoring noteworthy Illinoisans. Three trees on the McCormick Square campus display famous Illinoisans in the new public art exhibit “Rooted in Greatness.” Since Illinois’ inception 200 years ago, countless individuals have made their mark on the state. To celebrate Illinois’ bicentennial, Rooted in Greatness honors individuals who have ...
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Breaking the story: Interview with journalist John Diedrich

It began as a “sort of dumb cop story,” according to investigative journalist John Diedrich, who got a tip that an agent working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) had his machine gun stolen from his car, which was parked outside a coffee shop in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. Little did Diedrich suspect that this tip would lead to a months-long investigative process, an award-winning series of articles, a spot on “This ...
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“We had to let our characters shine through”

“To Catch a Fish” director Ron OJ Parson (from left) and playwright Brett Neveu, with investigative journalist John Diedrich in Milwaukee. In a recent conversation with co-dramaturg Tanya Palmer (TP), playwright Brett Neveu (BN) describes the writing and research process for To Catch a Fish, ...
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You can take a class on this

As a Company Member and Resident Dramaturg at TimeLine, I have often left a post-show discussion with audience members saying to me, “I could take a whole class on that.” Dramaturg Maren Robinson (wearing the red hat) and Beyond the ‘Line class participants during a ...
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An interview with playwright Anna Ziegler

Playwright Anna Ziegler Enjoy this “Backstory Bonus” interview between TimeLine Artistic Director PJ Powers (PJP) and playwright Anna Ziegler (AZ): (PJP) Can you share how this play began for you? (AZ) I was interested in writing about gender, and I discovered a Rolling Stone article ...
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Exploring the roots of a revolution

Something profound is happening around gender, whether we choose to see it or not. – National Geographic Earlier this year National Geographic declared us to be in the midst of a “gender revolution.” It’s no secret that issues affecting transgender and intersex people have recently ...
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