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New faces at TimeLine

The TimeLine family is expanding! We’re so pleased to announce the addition of several new artists and community leaders to our ranks. Chicago artists Tyla Abercrumbie, Will Allan, Wardell Julius Clark, Charles Andrew Gardner, and Anish Jethmalani have been named TimeLine Company Members, effective immediately. Additionally, JoAnne Dobrick, Anne Voshel, Richard G. Weinberg, and Nicholas Yassan are joining TimeLine’s Board of Directors, and Jared Bellot is joining as a new Associate Artist. COMPANY MEMBERS “These ...
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Inside A SHAYNA MAIDEL with playwright Barbara Lebow

                 Playwright Barbara Lebow During the rehearsal process for A Shayna Maidel, dramaturg Deborah Blumenthal spoke with playwright Barbara Lebow about her process creating the play and its resonance in today’s world. Learn more about the powerful play in her ...
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Rooted in Greatness

TimeLine is proud to be part of a very special new public art project that launched this week: Rooted in Greatness—a first-of-its-kind video art exhibit showcasing and honoring noteworthy Illinoisans. Three trees on the McCormick Square campus display famous Illinoisans in the new public art ...
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To Catch a Fish: Behind-the-scenes with Stephen Walker and Tiffany Addison

In our next installment of To Catch A Fish interviews, we reached out to a couple of the cast members for a quick game of “Rapid Questions.” Actors Stephen Walker (Dex Farwell) and Tiffany Addison (Rochelle Walker) shared their thoughts on the show and gave a humorous glimpse into the life of an actor. To Catch A Fish is based on the story of Chauncey Wright, a man suffering from brain damage who was tricked ...
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“We had to let our characters shine through”

“To Catch a Fish” director Ron OJ Parson (from left) and playwright Brett Neveu, with investigative journalist John Diedrich in Milwaukee. In a recent conversation with co-dramaturg Tanya Palmer (TP), playwright Brett Neveu (BN) describes the writing and research process for To Catch a Fish, ...
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You can take a class on this

As a Company Member and Resident Dramaturg at TimeLine, I have often left a post-show discussion with audience members saying to me, “I could take a whole class on that.” Dramaturg Maren Robinson (wearing the red hat) and Beyond the ‘Line class participants during a ...
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