TimeLine Theatre Company’s mission is rooted in an exploration of how history informs our world today. We recognize that to truly embody that mission and deepen the conversations we wish to have together, it’s essential that we grapple with how systemic racism, oppression, and exclusion have shaped our country, industry, and company. We must expand the lens through which history is viewed and fully engage with a multitude of perspectives to better serve and reflect our community and our collective histories.

Our art will resonate with today’s social and political issues only when we fully address the truth of the white supremacy and settler colonialism that manifest as prejudices based on identity such as: anti-Black, anti-Asian, and anti-Indigenous bigotry; ableism; ageism; anti-Semitism; classism; homophobia; Islamophobia; sexism; transphobia; and xenophobia. We acknowledge that these are just some of the hateful beliefs that exist and intersect as they infect the systems, policies, and practices that guide our work—everything from hiring policies to the standards by which we judge “good art.”

To dismantle these forces and create a more equitable and just future, TimeLine recognizes that previous organizational efforts supporting greater equity, diversity, and inclusion must go further. We are engaged in a comprehensive process involving every member of the Company, Staff, and Board to become a more antiracist, multicultural organization. 

Collectively, we are deeply examining every aspect of our operations—developing department-specific antiracism goals as part of an ongoing staff Transformation Lab, reorganizing our production schedules and budgets, updating hiring policies and procedures, and fostering weekly conversations to discuss our continuing efforts, among many other changes. Our goals are to champion access, inclusivity, and equitable treatment on our stages and in every facet of our organization, and commit to meaningful action and accountability.

Built on the foundation of TimeLine’s core values, this work is also responsive to and grateful for all those in our industry and community offering education, activism, and encouragement. We are committed to listening, learning, and constantly examining where we fall short and how we will continue to improve. In order to remain accountable to you, TimeLine will review and renew this statement at least once per year and will continue to be transparent about our efforts, challenges, and successes.

We will continue to center deep listening and collaboration, and ask that our supporters and community participate in this conversation with us. If you would like to learn more or offer feedback regarding TimeLine’s antiracism work, please email info@timelinetheatre.com. Our Artistic Director PJ Powers and Executive Director Mica Cole will review your message and respond. All feedback will help inform TimeLine’s collaborative work to improve our organization.


TimeLine’s Company, Board, and Staff

Adopted 2021