Death and the Maiden

Apr 10, 2002 - Jun 2, 2002

Gerardo Escobar, who is heading up the commission to investigate the crimes of the old regime, is rescued roadside by a kind passerby, Dr. Miranda. When the two return to Gerardo’s home, his wife Paulina, is convinced that the Doctor is harboring a dark past. Set in a country transitioning back to democracy, Death and The Maiden is a modern thriller with a haunting conclusion. Barry Brunetti, director of TimeLine’s critically acclaimed No End of Blame, returns to our stage with this riveting exploration of human nature and the meaning of justice.

May 4 – June 2, 2002

The Crucible

Oct 9, 2001 - Nov 25, 2001

Faith, Fear, Lust and Longing combust in Arthur Miller’s retelling of one of the strangest and most horrible chapters of American history – the Salem Witch Trials. Jeff Citation winning director Nick Bowling returns to TimeLine to illuminate the tale of a repressed town plunged into deadly panic and a family fighting to stand up for the truth at any cost.

The Seagull

May 5, 2001 - Jun 3, 2001

Despite the dark subject matters in his plays, Chekhov was a writer of comedies, not dramas. His plays were meant to be satires of the Russian experience. In writing for the turn of the century Russian audience, THE SEAGULL remains peppered with what could be called inside jokes. Chekhov hoped to show his people that as much as they complained about their unhappiness they were just as much the cause of it.

This intriguing story is presented by two of the greatest minds the theatre has ever known, Anton Chekhov and Tom Stoppard. The collaboration spans generations and produces a gem of a play.