World Premiere

Feb 15, 2001 - Mar 18, 2001

On July 10, 1886 Cap Streeter and his wife Maria were returning to Chicago from Milwaukee in their steamboat, The Reutan, when they crashed into a sandbar just off the shore at the end of East Superior Street. He eventually laid claim to the 186 acres of beach bounded by Erie Street to the south, Oak Street to the north, St. Clair Street to the west, and Lake Michigan to the east. Cap’s notable neighbors did not agree that the land Cap claimed was his for the taking. Although Cap lost the the land, he left present day Chicagoans a legacy – the name of the Streeterville neighborhood and a wildly colorful story.

To Live as Variously as Possible

World Premiere

Nov 15, 1999 - Dec 14, 1999

A theatrical celebration of the life and work of gay poet Frank O’Hara, the center of a dazzling array of painters, dancers and writers that exploded onto the New York scene in the 1950s. Using poems letters and stories by and about O’Hara, TO LIVE AS VARIOUSLY AS POSSIBLE captures a vibrant moment in time through the exuberant eye of this wonderfully accessible and influential poet.