ADIA ALLI was last seen in TimeLine’s First Draft Festival reading of RELENTLESS and is thrilled to make her mainstage debut in CARDBOARD PIANO. Adia is a Nigerian-born, Michigan-raised artist. Recent credits include THE ESCAPE (Art Institute of Chicago), NO CHILD… (Definition), CURVES AND EDGES (Interrobang), THE DOPPELGANGER (u/s, Steppenwolf), THE WOLVES (Assistant Director, Goodman), INSURRECTION: HOLDING HISTORY (u/s, Stage Left), SWEET (Fleetwood-Jourdain), FIRST (For Youth Inquiry), and GOOD FRIDAY (u/s, Oracle Productions). Adia plays Danielle in the web-series SEEDS. She holds a BA degree in Theater and a specialization in African American and African Studies from Michigan State University. She is represented by Gray Talent Group.

CARDBOARD Cast 101: Getting to know Adia Alli

We're heading into our final two weeks of the Chicago premiere of Cardboard Piano! Before these four lovely actors take their final bows on March 17, we thought we'd pull back the curtain and get …

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