ADIA ALLI was last seen in TimeLine’s First Draft Festival reading of RELENTLESS and is thrilled to make her mainstage debut in CARDBOARD PIANO. Adia is a Nigerian-born, Michigan-raised artist. Recent credits include THE ESCAPE (Art Institute of Chicago), NO CHILD… (Definition), CURVES AND EDGES (Interrobang), THE DOPPELGANGER (u/s, Steppenwolf), THE WOLVES (Assistant Director, Goodman), INSURRECTION: HOLDING HISTORY (u/s, Stage Left), SWEET (Fleetwood-Jourdain), FIRST (For Youth Inquiry), and GOOD FRIDAY (u/s, Oracle Productions). Adia plays Danielle in the web-series SEEDS. She holds a BA degree in Theater and a specialization in African American and African Studies from Michigan State University. She is represented by Gray Talent Group.