CHRISTINE PASCUAL returns to TimeLine with RELENTLESS, having previously designed OSLO, TO CATCH A FISH, PARADISE BLUE, BAKERSFIELD MIST, SUNSET BABY, and HANNAH AND MARTIN. Previous design credits include I,CINNA (Chicago Shakespeare), HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF and THE FIRST DEEP BREATH (Victory Gardens), DANCE NATION and LA RUTA (Steppenwolf), THE TOTAL BENT and THE DISPLACED (Haven), LADY IN DENMARK and FEATHERS AND TEETH (Goodman), DUTCH MASTERS and THE LIGHT FANTASTIC (Jackalope), CRUMBS FROM THE TABLE OF JOY (Raven), EAST TEXAS HOT LINKS (Writers), and PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER (The Roustabouts). Christine holds an MFA degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is a member of United Scenic Artist Local 829.

Member of United Scenic Artists