DANIEL ETTI-WILLIAMS (Co-Sound Designer) is an up-and-coming sound designer and engineer local to Chicago, making their TimeLine debut. After studying acting at Oklahoma City University, they moved to Chicago to participate in Steppenwolf’s Apprenticeship Program. Since then, they have had the opportunity to work all over Chicago making theatre, telling stories, and expressing their passion through design. Chicago design credits include RUN THE BEAST DOWN, HERSCHEL AND THE HANUKKAH GOBLINS, and ON THE GREENBELT (Strawdog); BEATRIX POTTER’S HOLIDAY TEA PARTY (Chicago Children’s); HAUS OF ATREUS (Mudlark); PEERLESS (Northwestern University Graduate Directing Program); AT THE VANISHING POINT (The Gift); PARIS and LIGHT FALLS (Steep); PRIVATE LIVES (Raven); and THE ISLAND (Court).