Eddie Jordon III was thankful to make his TimeLine Theatre debut as part of the IN DARFUR family. His theater credits include TAD IN 5TH CITY, TEN SQUARE, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, BLAXPLOITATION THE REMIX and BLAXPLIOTATION 2: YOU KNOW HOW WE DEUX (MPAACT); SANDOVAL (Road To Sandoval Productions); FEAR OF A HOOD (Sansculottes Theatre); and 365 Days/365 Plays (Writers’ Theatre). Eddie also is a teaching artist with MPAACT (through CAPE, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education) as well as a member of the Steppenwolf for Young Adults program. He was born and raised in Hartford, Conn., and received his BFA degree in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University. He thanks his mother and father, and also CAPE, MPAACT, the cast and crew of IN DARFUR, Uncle Lalo, Judy, RP, Lisandra Tena and my sister Anisha Jordan.