Ivan Rodriguez has been partnering with TimeLine’s Living History Education Program for nearly a decade. As a teacher at Von Steuben High School in the Social Science Department, Ivan has had a focus on history, government and politics for 20 years, and he’s been one of TimeLine’s longest-serving and most passionate collaborators for inspiring young leaders’ creative and critical thinking.

The Von Steuben Social Science Department envisions a rigorous college prep curriculum that prepares students to engage as global citizens in their communities. They equip students with the habits of mind, research methodology and writing skills inherent in the study of history, economics, geography, and political and social systems.

Their mission is to:

  • Develop a deep awareness of the critical thinking process inherent in social scientific investigation.
  • Produce resourceful and agile decision-makers and problem-solvers.
  • Train students to become articulate communicators of fact, argument, and interpretation, in writing, speech, and multimedia formats.
  • Inspire students to connect the intellectual legacy of past thinkers to a deeper self-awareness and to the major social, political, and economic dilemmas of the day.
  • Challenge students to become proficient researchers in history and the social sciences.
  • Guide students to develop their arguments and opinions with the support of well-chosen evidence presented according to the conventions of our discipline.
  • Encourage students to become engaged and effective advocates for themselves and for their community in the political arena.
  • Teach students to become thoughtful consumers who can manage their finances to live well within their means.

Starting with TimeLine’s 2012 production of My Kind of Town, Ivan has been an essential collaborator with the Living History program, helping to create lesson plans that strengthen TimeLine’s residencies in the classroom and help TimeLine’s team understand how to can maximize their impact.