Karen is Executive Managing Director and President of US Commercial Real Estate for CIBC US (Toronto-based CIBC acquired The PrivateBank in June 2017). She oversees the business units that develop and manage real estate finance and banking relationships with dynamic and growing commercial real estate developers, investors, owners and operators nationally. She is a member of the CIBC US Region Executive Committee.

Previously, Karen served as executive vice president in LaSalle Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Department (LaSalle Bank was acquired by Bank of America in October 2007).  Prior to joining LaSalle in 1992, she established and managed the Midwest real estate lending operations for New York-based Marine Midland Bank.  At The First National Bank of Chicago, she was responsible for managing banking relationships with Midwest-based real estate development and syndication firms.

She cites TimeLine’s production of TO MASTER THE ART as the one that sparked her interest. “The smell of bacon!  The acting!  The set!  The intimacy of the theatre!”

She is inspired by the passion of the Company, the staff and the board, together with the quality of each and every detail of each production.

Karen earned her MBA degree from The University of Chicago and a BS degree in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.  She also attended The University of London and The American College in Paris.