Larry practiced law in large Chicago law firms for 42 years in the business law area. His legal practice included serving international, national and regional organizations with business operations throughout the world. Legal practice specialties included accounting related legal issues, transactions (such as mergers and licensing), and corporate governance.

In 2010 the American Bar Association (ABA), the national representative of the U.S. legal profession, recruited him from his legal practice to serve as its number two executive, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. He served the ABA until he retired in 2016, and his duties included overseeing all the ABA’s financial operations, administrative functions (purchasing and real estate operations) and information technology operations.

Larry, also a certified public accountant, worked extensively with the accounting profession. He is currently a member of the Auditing Standards Board, the board that establishes U.S. standards applicable to the performance and issuance of audit and attestation reports for non-public entities. He is a past president of the Illinois CPA Society, a past member of the board of directors of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) which serves the U.S. certified public accounting profession nationally, and a past member of the AICPA’s Council, its governing body. He is also a past chair of the U.S. National Conference of Lawyers and Certified Public Accountants and a past chair of the ABA’s audit committee.

He has served and continues to serve on boards of directors and audit committees for both profit and nonprofit entities, including Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Larry obtained his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School and his bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University.