Institutional Giving Manager

A recent transplant from Tucson, Arizona, Leah Taylor (she/her) has been with TimeLine since February 2021. Previous job experience includes roles in grant writing, stage management, and community art.

Theatre is such a good vehicle for exploring social issues because it lets us look into the eyes of real people, taking ideas that can sometimes feel abstract or far away and making them tangible.

Leah holds an MA degree in Theatre and Performance Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, where she focused on historical and contemporary uses of theatre practice to affect social change, exploring the intersections between performance and critical pedagogy, and training in variations on Theatre of the Oppressed. Outside her work in arts administration, Leah works as an actor and visual artist, and continues to pursue opportunities to use art as a vehicle for fostering community.

Contact Leah Taylor:

773-281-8463 x 118

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