Born in Newcastle, England, in 1966, Lee Hall is a playwright and screenwriter. His plays include BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL, BOLLOCKS, THE CHAIN PLAY, CHILD OF THE SNOW, CHILDREN OF THE RAIN, COOKING WITH ELVIS, GENIE, I LUV YOU JIMMY SPUD, SPOONFACE STEINBERG, TWO’S COMPANY, WITTGENSTEIN ON TYNE, and THE PITMEN PAINTERS. He has written the screenplays for WAR HORSE, HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE, TOAST, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, GABRIEL AND ME, BILLY ELLIOT, THE PRINCE OF HEARTS, THE PRINCE OF HEARTS and SPOONFACE STEINBERG. He was a writer in residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1999-2000. He received an Oscar nomination for Best New Screenplay for BILLY ELLIOT.