Director of Production

Maggie Fullilove-Nugent, a native Chicagoan, joined the TimeLine staff in the summer of 2016. Before moving into her current position, Maggie had first come to TimeLine as an electrician, working on TimeLine’s 2005-06 season, and as a carpenter on TimeLine’s sold-out hit, FIORELLO! She made her design debut on TOO HEAVY FOR YOUR POCKET, and is looking forward to designing WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME in the spring of 2023.

In 2006, I was ripping tiny strips 2″ strips of fibreboard out of 20 4’x8′ sheets on the 4th floor of TimeLine, which was still a full gym at that time. It was a little ridiculous, but worth it for all those ladders in FIORELLO!.

Maggie has acted as a production manager and designer with Chicago theatres for two decades including The Hypocrites, The Ruffians, The Neo-Futurists, The Goodman Theater, Porchlight Music Theatre, Playmaker’s Laboratory, and Theo Ubique. Maggie is currently a leader of the Chicago Green Theatre Alliance, and a director of For The Group. She is dedicated to moving the Chicago Theatre Community towards safer, more sustainable and equitable practices.

I am inspired by the people here. The long time dedication of the artists and staff, and the continual increase in audience, is a testament to the holding power of this organization. We need to keep telling the stories of our past for the education of our future.

Maggie holds a BA degree cum laude in Theatre Production from Occidental College, with a focus in Russian Studies from The Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT). She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with her students. Maggie’s teaching credits include North Park University Theatre, Columbia College, North Central, and The DePaul Theatre School. In her free time Maggie loves gardening, going to brunch, and thinking about how adorable manatees are.

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773-281-8463 x 132

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