MICAH FIGUEROA (Fight Choreographer & Weapons Consultant) is a queer, Latine, Chicago-based actor, director, choreographer, and teaching artist specializing in intimacy/violence, physical theatre, and circus arts, who returns to TimeLine after previously working on THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT. Recent Violence and Intimacy Director credits include EURYDICE (Writers) and ANNA IN THE TROPICS (Remy Bumppo). Other select productions include MIKE PENCE SEX DREAM, PLANO, and BOTTICELLI IN THE FIRE (First Floor); THE LEOPARD PLAY and LIGHT FALLS (Steep), THESE SHINING LIVES (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); and IN HIS HANDS, PEERLESS, BLOOD WEDDING, SWEAT, INDECENT, and EVERYBODY (Northwestern University). He holds a degree in Directing and Playwriting from Southern Methodist University.