Director of Donor Engagement

Rosie Schultz is thrilled to be joining the TimeLine team after years of being an audience member and fan. Originally from Durango, Colorado, Rosie moved to Chicago to study Arts Management at Columbia College Chicago and immerse herself in the vibrant theatre community the city has to offer. Her work experience includes fundraising and events management roles at Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Thresholds, and Porchlight Music Theatre.

The first TimeLine show I saw was In The Next Room, but my first TimeLine experience was a few years before that. My first semester of college I took a History of Chicago Theatre class and my professor was obsessed with TimeLine’s production of The History Boys, so I ended up writing my final paper on TimeLine and it’s place in Chicago theatre history.

Rosie is also active in engaging young people in board service, she is a founding member of the Porchlight Young Professionals and was formerly the chair of the Urban Gateways Associate Board. She is passionate about supporting Chicago’s cultural institutions in her career and free time and can be found frequenting theatre, dance, and opera performances throughout the city.

I am a deeply nostalgic person so TimeLine’s commitment to preserving their own history alongside telling history stories, connects with me.

Contact Rosie Schultz:

773-281-8463 x 126

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