News about Enron

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On technology

One of my favorite things about working at TimeLine is an idea — one that, if you were to pop into our rehearsals or production meetings, you’d hear voiced at some point ...
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In your hands now

Clockwise from top left: Terry Hamilton as Ken Lay; Bret Tuomi as Jeffrey Skilling, Sean Fortunato as Andrew Fastow (with his “raptors,” portrayed by Benjamin Sprunger, Demetria Thomas and Matt Holzfeind); and ...
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Ask why.

Today marks the opening of TimeLine’s 50th production! I must say, this milestone is a bit astonishing. In many ways, it seems like just yesterday the six of us who founded TimeLine ...
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It's complicated

I can’t stop thinking about Enron. As we approach the opening of our 50th production, there are a lot of sleepless nights — as there always are during tech and previews — ...
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13 x 4 = 52

Here we are in the final weekend of the run of A Walk in the Woods! Over the past few months, whenever people asked me why we produced  A Walk In The ...
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Our 15th Season!

Big news today! We’ve announced TimeLine’s 2011-12 Season — our 15th Anniversary season (amazing!) — a hot collection of plays that includes one world premiere, two Chicago premieres, a revival of a ...