It’s been tech week for The History Boys for the past seven days; actor Brad Bukauskas submits a report from the front lines:

Tech week is always hectic, regardless of the show.  This is the big moment where everyone is in the space and working around the clock to tie up loose ends.

It usually demands long hours and an extreme level of patience with one another. This tech was all about perfecting moments and transitions and hitting the cues. So many things changed, and it is all of our responsibility to be able to roll with the punches. We have been rolling with them, and I feel very comfortable saying that we are in a great place.

These designers are unbelievably talented. Every day we would come in and something new would have been added. Lockers. Tiles. New things for our rooms.  I want to keep going on all of the designers, but there have to be some elements that I can’t give away.  Let’s just say we are very excited to get some audiences in the room with us.

Today is our day off. Tomorrow is our last dress rehearsal, and then we begin previews. Each day we have been making giant leaps forward, and as the designer and the cast work toward eliminating the minor kinks of the show, we can’t wait to share it with you for the first time on Wednesday.

Brad Bukauskas plays the character Timms in The History Boys.

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