Reflections On A Personal TimeLine

In August I will be celebrating 5 years with TimeLine Theatre.

I took a minute to think back over those last 5 years and suddenly felt exhausted, but also incredibly grateful.

In those 5 years I’ve managed to act in 11 TimeLine productions, receive 3 Non-Equity Jeff Awards, be anointed with the title of Associate Artist, meet and marry my wonderful wife Laurie (Savin) Hamilton (my most fulfilling and greatest accomplishment of all), take on the role of step dad to the lovely Maddie Savin, move to the suburbs, and somewhere in there manage to squeeze in two other productions outside of TimeLine Theatre. What’s the old saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?”

Of course a building does not a theater make.  TimeLine is people.

Over the last 5 years I’ve had the honor to work with some of the greatest talent I’ve ever met, not only in Chicago, but anywhere, and become friends with most of them. The actors, the designers, the management, the Board and yes even audience members, all people who love the theatre and work their fingers to the bone to ensure that the experience others have at TimeLine is the best possible experience they can muster.

TimeLine has been impossibly generous to me and I’ve learned so much over the years about the theatre and acting of course, but also about myself. I can say without a doubt that working at TimeLine Theatre has helped to make me a better person overall. For what more could one person ask?

Of course the learning and evolution never ends and so we creep at this petty pace, day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year.

Let me say with all sincerity and humility … Thank you to each and every one who in some way crossed paths with me at TimeLine Theatre and helped to enrich my life in more ways then I’ll ever truly come to understand.

Now we’ve got a show to do.

Associate Artist Terry Hamilton is currently appearing as the Headmaster in
The History Boys at TimeLine. He has appeared in 11 productions at TimeLine, pictured in the slide show below: This Happy Breed (2004, Non-Equity Jeff Award – Actor in a Principal Role), Pravda (2005, Chicago Premiere, Non-Equity Jeff Award – Actor in a Supporting Role), Martin Furey’s Shot (2005, World Premiere), Copenhagen (2005), Fiorello! (2006, Non-Equity Jeff Award – Actor in a Supporting Role, Musical), The General from America (2006), Widowers’ Houses (2007), Fiorello! (2008, Remount), Weekend (2008), Not Enough Air (2009, World Premiere) and The History Boys (2009, Chicago Premiere).

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