Mission accomplished: 2,009!

You have fueled my obsession with numbers.  Thanks to you we have reached a remarkable goal: 2,009 subscribers in 2009. This is a 50% increase over last year. We suddenly have a lot of new friends!  At 2 pm last Wednesday we announced we had 41 subscriptions remaining for this season.  By 4 pm we had 23 left. We reached 2,009 subscriptions on Sunday, December 20.

2009 has been a year of milestones for TimeLine Theatre Company.  We could not have achieved all that we did this year without your support.  And I don’t just mean the ways you support TimeLine financially with ticket purchases and donations.  Your desire to challenge us, to engage the company in conversation, the counsel you provide as we grow this organization — this support is just as import as your financial support. When I think of the size of this organization when I walked in for my first day of work 26 months ago, and the conversations we were having 12 months ago about the “dynamic” economy, I am awestruck and humbled by the people I get to engage with every day.  You have helped guide this organization through tremendous growth in the last two seasons.  Thank you for making 2009 a year I won’t forget, and I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2010.

Liz got this ambitious 2,009 goal started back in October. See how it all began here …

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