TBA no longer

TimeLine announced weeks ago that Frost/Nixon, Mastering the Art and The Front Page would be part of our 2010-11 season. But as sometimes happens, when we announced those three we also had to announce that one of our productions was still “TBA.”  Well, today we are finally TBA no longer!

The Chicago premiere of In Darfur by Winter Miller, directed by Nick Bowling, has officially joined those other previously released titles, rounding out our 14th season.

Originally commissioned by the Guthrie Theatre and the Minneapolis Playwright’s Centre and informed by the playwright’s first-hand experiences accompanying Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in Sudan, In Darfur is a provocative account unfolding amidst the horrors of genocide. In a camp for internally displaced persons in Darfur, three lives intertwine — an aid worker trying to save lives, an African Darfuri woman searching for safety and a journalist who believes that one front page-story can help stop the madness. Together they tell an intense, based-on-real-life story that demands international attention.

The play most recently had a successful run at Theatre J in Washington, D.C., and we’re glad to bring it here for its local premiere.

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