What a start!

The first rehearsal of To Master the Art — TimeLine’s upcoming world premiere that tells the story of Julia and Paul Child’s time together in Paris during the 1950s — was this week. As always it was a festive occasion of bringing together a cast filled with new artists joining many faces you’ve seen on our stage before, plus the design team and technical staff, administration, Company Members, Board members and more. You can read our attempt at “live Tweeting” the evening (is there really such a thing? Well, we did one anyway), with comments by Managing Director Elizabeth Auman and I, on our Twitter page.

As usual after first rehearsal, I’ve put together a brief movie/slide show with photographs behind-the-scenes, but this one comes with a very special twist. This movie is accompanied by a gorgeous and evocative score, written by our Associate Artist Andrew Hansen. In his words:

“It begins tentatively, as though finding its way. Much like Julia learning to cook. Once it finds its way, it proceeds with confidence. It’s dinner time!”

Andy played this piece of music right before the cast dove into the first reading of To Master the Art. What a start! Performances begin October 26 …

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  1. Bernie Holicky


    You many not of intended it, but your photos & Andrew Hansen’s music solved my quandary of what to make for my condo pot luck picnic this Sunday. MOUSSELINE AU CHOCOLAT…Right from Julia’s French Chef Cookbook based on the early PBS TV programs…I watched them religiously…7:30 Sundays on WTTW in the 1970’s. And the fat free Grand Marnier, bitter sweet chocolate, and meringue makes you forget about the egg yokes and butter.