Memories of 1962

We choose to go to the moon.
— President John F. Kennedy at Rice University, 1962

Two weeks from tonight, on Friday, March 16, 2012, TimeLine will produce what is essentially the fifth production of our 2011-12 season — our annual Step Into Time benefit. This one night is an opportunity to extend our mission of exploring history by literally stepping into another era. OK, there’s no time machine involved, but TimeLine’s creative team does its best to build atmosphere and entertainment that make guests feel like they have traveled back to another time.

Past themes have included Paris circa 1900 with “La Belle Epoque,” Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair with “The White City” and the early years of the blues and television with “Birth of the Blues” and “The Age of Television.” This year we’ve decided to celebrate our 15th Anniversary by stepping back 50 years to 1962!

Not unlike TimeLine today, in 1962 the world was undergoing big change and embarking on new endeavors, so we thought it was an ideal year to re-visit at a time when we are celebrating TimeLine’s own accomplishments after 15 years and talking about big dreams for the future.

Step Into Time: 1962 will be a glitzy night that brings to life the culture, fashion, politics and entertainment of a pivotal year. And whether you are attending the event or not, there is one big way you can be a part of the evening:

    What do you remember about 1962? We want to see and read your memories! It could be a small thing, a big thing, very personal or related to a major world event. Or maybe you weren’t around in 1962, but it was memorable for someone in your family. Please share via the comments below, or send your thoughts and/or a picture from that year via email to

When we first announced this year’s theme, several people spontaneously shared their recollections of that time, so we know your stories are out there. Perhaps together, we can create our own virtual time machine right here!

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  1. Gloria Friedman

    I was a sophmore at Evanston High School in 1962 and my most vivid memory is a high school theatre trip to New York where we saw: “1000 Clowns” with the sublime Jason Robards, “No Strings”, “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying”, “A Man for All Seasons” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. And none of them were revivals! Not bad for one year!!!

    In hindsight 1962 was our last year of innocence. and belief and unbridled hope in the future of the country. 1963 would see the assasination of Kennedy and the escalation of Vietnam from which I’m not sure we have recovered.

    • Bernie Holicky

      Yes Gloria, 1962 was the end of era…but an era in which my values and beliefs were formed. My grandparents immigrated from Bohemia and Scotland -I want my country to continue to offer opportunity to the many and not the few.

  2. Donald Goetsch

    I graduated from high school in 1962. I turned 18 in late May. I lived in Wisconsin, a beer at 18 state. So I went down to get my 18 year old ID. That summer I really worked for the first time- construction. The first Saturday, eager to use my ID, and having use of the family car, I drove to the local teenage beer and pizza parlor–they were by law–outside the city limits. There I was actually welcomed by my classmates who could drive almost a year before me and most of whom had been 18 for 6 months or more. Being an outsider all my life-too bad at sports, too shy, too awkward in public, It was a very pleasant surprise and one I appreciate to this day. For 1 evening I was one of the IN crowd. But I discovered, by listening that evening, that I was happier where I was. These IN people were going to split up in three months, so what was the point of being in the in crowd for such a short time. I spent most of my spare time playing in bands. Not cool Rock and Roll but old fashioned Sunday in the park at the band shell playing marches. The Pizza place is gone, but both bands I played in are still going. Probably still with some people I knew, but most likely their kids, nephews and nieces, and grandchildren. A piece of Americana, summer concerts in the park, under the stars, with the smell of flowers and a full moon and a gentle breeze after a hot day,playing a band rendition of Clair de Lune. Much nicer that spending time in a smokey bar even with the iN crowd.
    Not that I was really deprived–this was German country and the band had a pony of beer (1/8th barrel) after every rehearsal– which I shared in from the time I joined the bands at 15. With a few other adventures that summer, I can say I matured a lot in 1962. It was a very good year

  3. Bernie Holicky

    INSPIRE YOUR ATTIRE: For Bernie replicating what I wore in 1962
    – all I have to do is go to my closet.
    • My Brooks’ Blue Blazer
    • Gray Slacks
    • Shirt with a Button Down Collar
    • A Stripped Rep Tie
    • Penny Loafers