Building a hole

Over the past 11 weeks of Wasteland, we’ve watched as audiences step into the theater and are immediately drawn into the world of the play before one word of the script is uttered. The lights and haze, the sound of insects and wildlife, and most strikingly, an unsettling and realistic scenic design transport them underground somewhere in the Vietnam jungle. Often at the end of the show, people stop to inspect the set—peering up into the hole, touching the rocks and dirt, discussing among themselves theories about how it was built.

So as the show draws to a close (the final performance is this Sunday, December 30, 2012!), we thought we’d share some images that technical director Caleb Charles McAndrew took during the set build—a small window behind the scenes. With congrats to Caleb as well as scenic designer Kevin Depinet, lighting designer Jesse Klug, scenic painter Meg Grgurich and production manager John Kearns, enjoy!









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