Odd things occurring

Politically, I’ve never been one for vast conspiracy explanations of events. Yet, since attaching myself to the production of Danny Casolaro Died for You, which calls public attention to some of the most unsavory unresolved loose ends of the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, odd things have been occurring that I just can’t shake off.

On street corners, in coffee shops, on trains and buses, I see the same seemingly disinterested stranger turning up, over and over again. Coincidence?

I decided to turn the tables on whoever is following and watching me. To expose this agency or rogue operative to the world, thus rendering him useless to his spy masters.

Look at this character:

The author snapped photos of this unsuspecting man on a recent bus trip.
The author snapped photos of this unsuspecting man on a recent bus trip.

He tries to blend in, dressing like any arty student-intellectual type one sees around Lakeview, buried in a book or journal. And yet the seeming self-absorption is clearly studied, practiced. At first glance he could be any pale poseur on the #8 bus, but look a bit longer and it’s clear he’s on edge. His antennae are up. He’s not reading at all, but attuned completely to his surroundings.

I appeal to friends of TimeLine to help us identify this man. Have you seen him hanging around? Has he been asking questions? Whoever he really is, something about this set-up is clearly … not kosher.

Mark Richard is an Associate Artist of TimeLine Theatre and portrays Michael Riconosciuto in our production of Danny Casolaro Died For You. His paranoia is all his own.


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  1. Dawn Palmer

    He is my favorite, Alex Weisman! Unfortunately he was replaced in my Sunday performance of “Asher Lev”

  2. mark richard

    Another conspiracy!