To Catch a Fish: Behind-the-scenes with Stephen Walker and Tiffany Addison

In our next installment of To Catch A Fish interviews, we reached out to a couple of the cast members for a quick game of “Rapid Questions.” Actors Stephen Walker (Dex Farwell) and Tiffany Addison (Rochelle Walker) shared their thoughts on the show and gave a humorous glimpse into the life of an actor.

To Catch A Fish is based on the story of Chauncey Wright, a man suffering from brain damage who was tricked into illegal activity by federal agents. You can read more about the history behind the play in our Backstory magazine. Playwright Brett Neveu creates a fictionalized account of Wright’s story using the character of Terry—who, like Wright, suffers from brain damage and is unknowingly tricked into illegal gun sales by ATF agents.

Stephen Walker

TimeLine (TL): What do you think the title “To Catch A Fish” means in relation to the story?

Stephen Walker (SW): On one level it’s a direct reference to Terry’s leisure activities [fishing] and on another it’s the ATF trying to lure unsuspecting people to commit illegal acts.

TL: What has been your favorite moment working on this show so far?

Tiffany Addison (TA): Developing a bond with the cast.

SW: I think there’s a lot of gut punches in this show and feeling the audience’s visceral reaction as they realize what’s going on is always very gratifying.

TL: Did you know about Chauncey Wright story before working on this play?

TA: No.

SW: I did not, though I was familiar with recent ATF sting operations that were making the news.

TL: During rehearsals, the cast and members of the production team took a trip to Milwaukee for research. What were some memorable or interesting facts that you learned about Wright and his story on that trip?

SW: Being in the place where the action of the play took place was very informative. Standing where the action took place, the warehouse, the river nearby, gave me a great sense of place. Meeting with the reporter [who exposed the story] helped fill in a lot of gaps we had with the story. Of course, some questions are still unanswered.

TL: What is your favorite part about portraying your character? What has been the most difficult part in portraying your character?

TA: Understanding why Rochelle would date a man with challenges [Terry].

SW: [My] favorite part is just working on a Brett Neveu play. I love his dialogue and rhythms. Most difficult is getting that right.

TL: Do you have any similarities with your character?

TA: Yeah! Being in a place of wanting to make change and implement new habits/conditions for my life.

SW: We’re both huge Rush fans.

Tiffany Addison

TL: What is your favorite moment in the play?

SW: The last scene with Rochelle and Terry is very beautiful to me.

TA: When Terry makes a decision showing his grandmother that he is grown and is capable of dating a woman and choosing to grow in his understanding while choosing that woman.

TL: Terry was paid in cigarettes, merchandise and cash. If money were not a necessity, what would be three things you’d want to receive as payment?

TA: Clothes, travel, and electronics.

SW: Eels and pheasants.

TL: Have you ever had a job that required you to do something strange?

SW: Having a job itself is strange. Doing something you don’t want to do because society dictates it is bizarre in itself. I think work ethic is wildly overrated.

TL: How has your character impacted you and your acting career?

SW: It’s been an absolute pleasure working at Timeline. To work on my friend Brett Neveu’s play (one of his best, in my opinion) with the legendary Ron OJ Parson and such a stellar ensemble has been truly an honor.

Thanks to Stephen and Tiffany for answering our questions! You can catch Stephen in To Catch A Fish through this Sunday, June 17 (Josh Odor takes over the role of Dex after that), and Tiffany through the end of the run, July 1. For tickets, click here or call the Box Office at (773) 281.8463 x6.

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  1. Kathleen

    I would love the quote used in the play from the group Rush. What song was the quote from?