A TOO HEAVY Goodbye: Closing thoughts from Jennifer Latimore

Jennifer Latimore

It’s with a heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to Too Heavy for your Pocket, closing out our 22nd season on June 29. Earlier during the run, we met the four actors bringing this story to life, and here at the end after a 10-week run, we’re catching up with the same extraordinary folks to see what’s changed between then and now.

Our first interview is with Jennifer Latimore, who portrays Sally Mae Carter.

What is your favorite part about portraying this character? 

Sally Mae has such an amazing journey through this play. She finds her voice and stands up for herself, and I love getting to explore that realization of power with her.

What’s your favorite moment in the play?

I absolutely love the revival scene! It’s full of energy and love for the people in Sally, Tony, Evelyn and Bowzie’s community and a recognition of the importance of God in their lives.

In TimeLine’s 99-seat space, the audience is never more than a few feet from the action. How does being in such an intimate space affect your engagement with the audience?

Evelyn (Ayanna Bria Bakari) shares her fears about the future with her friend Sally-Mae (Jennifer Latimore).

I love being able to make more subtle choices than I would in a larger theater. Audience members can see the slightest reaction so I love getting to pepper those in.

What has been your favorite or most unique audience reaction you’ve heard to this show?

It’s always awesome when people join in with us during the revival scene. We go to this high place together and come down to something more serious together and it’s cool when they are right there clapping along with us.

What’s it like backstage? Any weird backstage shenanigans we should know about?

Lots of eating, lots of laughing.

What are you going to miss most after closing this show on June 29?

My cast! We have formed a close bound tackling this show and it’ll certainly be weird not seeing them everyday.







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