Dolores Díaz

Thanks to my brother, the historian, George T. Díaz; my first and forever educators, my parents, George H. and Dolores Díaz; my partner in all things Michael Kuntzman; my Playwrights Collective colleagues Kristin, Osiris, and David for their enduring support and good humor; Ben, Nick, Jenny Lynn, PJ, and all the TimeLine collective for their efforts; directors Sandra Marquez and Kimberly Senior; dramaturg Sarah Johnson; and all the cast and crew that breathed life into the script and made it manifest.

Kristin Idaszak

My deepest gratitude to the following Shane Kelly, Susan Kim, Samara Harris, Marisa Carr, Regina Victor, Maren Robinson, Jenna Soleo-Shanks, Matthew Carpenter, Emma Durbin, and Clare and Joe Idaszak. Additionally, I’m indebted to the Playwrights Collective members, Dolores Díaz, Osiris Khepera, and David Ree, as well as Ben Thiem, PJ Powers, Nick Bowling, and the TimeLine staff and ensemble for their support. Special thanks to my History of Dramatic Literature students at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Osiris Khepera

The ancestors have held this down since it began. I’d like to offer my fullest appreciation for each of the following humans for supporting my life and my my process over these past years.

Thank you and appreciation to:

  • TimeLine Theatre Company
  • Dolores, Kristin, David, and Ben
  • The inimitable Ms. Regina Taylor
  • My Dramaturg, Mr. Khalid Long
  • To My Cast: This gathering of humans for this iterations is as the Ancestors intended, and for you I am eternally grateful.


  • Huey Amaru: Favelas Research Consultant
  • Mrs. Deidra Summerville: Lukumi Priest and African Traditional Religions Consultant
  • Impromptu Developmental Assistance Team: Leslie Anne Sheppard, Mia McCullough, Thee Ricky Harris, Cage Sebastián Pierre, Edgar Miguel Sanchez, Donovan Session, and Syd Robbie


  • Ms. Carla Stillwell and the Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Art
  • Ms. Bianca Sams
  • Ms. Susan-Sojourna Collier

Alexa, Siri, and Issa Rae, who was the voice of all my Google AI until her contract ended recently.

My Chosen Family, Friends:

  • Marcus Thigpen
  • Mikki Wyatt
  • Ronald Eldridge and the entire staff at the Hotel Monaco
  • Kristy Goodwin
  • Nia Banks
  • Thai Perry
  • Tamberla Perry
  • Kevin Douglas
  • Jamie Delgado at The Actor’s Fund and Season of Concern

David Rhee

Thanks to everyone at TimeLine, especially Nick, PJ, and Ben, and everyone in the Playwrights Collective. Thanks to Lavina and all the actors with the reading. A special thanks to Miranda and Yiwen for their support.