Andrew is a composer, sound designer and an Associate Artist at TimeLine, where he has designed 37 productions. Favorites include THE HISTORY BOYS; IN THE NEXT ROOM, OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY; PRAVDA; and NOT ABOUT NIGHTINGALES. Andy is the composer for Goodman’s annual production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  He has also worked for many years with Writers, Northlight, and American Players.

GASLIGHT was his first show with TimeLine and he immediately felt at home. He was also very impressed by how well organized and detail oriented the company was with such a small staff. His second production, NOT ABOUT NIGHTINGALES, remains one of the highlights of his career.

From a design standpoint, he enjoys working at TimeLine, where each new project requires a new stylistic approach.

TimeLine is always challenging itself and always pushing itself in new directions – new actors, new uses of the performance space, new lobby designs, new kinds of plays.

He has worked at many theatres in Chicago, including Writers Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Lifeline Theatre, American Players Theatre, Montana Shakespeare In The Parks, Project Runway. Regionally, he has worked with American Players Theatre, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Summer Shakespeare at Notre Dame and Montana Shakespeare in the Parks. He has received 30 Jeff Nominations and won three Jeff awards (1 Equity, 2 Non-Equity) and three After Dark Awards, including the Jeff Award for Original Incidental Music for the 2010 production of TO MASTER THE ART.

A graduate of Montana State University, he holds a BA degree in Media and Theatre Art. He also enjoys a good cobbler.