ANTHONY CHURCHILL (Projections Designer) is overjoyed to return to working at TimeLine’s home on Wellington. Previous TimeLine credits include THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT, THE LEHMAN TRILOGY; CAMPAIGNS, INC.; and the reading of  ONE GIANT LEAP: THE APOLLO 11 MOON LANDING. Other collaborations include work with Marriott Theatre, Drury Lane, Chicago Opera Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, the U.S. State Department, Rivendell, The Cher Show, Q Brothers, and the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Tony has been awarded one Jeff Award for Projection Design, and nominated for many more. When not working on plays, he enjoys sculpting tiny astronauts in peril, and exploring with his beautiful wife Sara and rescue pitbulls Cheetoh and Douglass. For more, visit

Member of United Scenic Artists