Marketing and Communications Assistant

Emily’s first experience with TimeLine was seeing BLOOD AND GIFTS. She had never seen a lobby done the way TimeLine had done theirs, in this case as an intelligence office filled with information about the Middle Eastern conflict and surrounding region. She was fascinated by both the meticulously compiled information, and the beauty of the play.

TimeLine’s work is a vehicle for curiosity; the desire to turn over new stones and seek out new viewpoints on sometimes difficult issues is something that resonates with me.

She joined TimeLine in 2013, where she is motivated by a staff that is uniformly passionate about what they do and who they get to do it with.

Emily is also an actor around town, and a Company Member with Barrel of Monkeys. A native of Ridgefield, Wash., Emily graduated from Northwestern University with a BS degree in Theatre, Political Science, and Chinese Language and Culture.

Contact Emily Marso:

773-281-8463 x 34

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