Janet has appeared in more than a dozen TimeLine productions, most recently TO MASTER THE ART, MASTER CLASS, and THE AUDIENCE. She has received a Jeff Award for her performance as Maria Callas in MASTER CLASS and nominations for her work at TimeLine in 33 VARIATIONS, A WALK IN THE WOODS, ALL MY SONS, NOT ENOUGH AIR and WEEKEND.  She is inspired by TimeLine’s artistic integrity and grateful for its mission.

In college I was assigned to write my theory of theatre…why I thought theatre was important and relevant. I remember examining what I had gotten from all my theatre experiences to that point. I believed even then that theatre was a place to explore the human experience, and a place to learn. Theatre has the power to help people feel less alone – to encourage understanding of those with differing views – to bring people together to discuss issues and sort through our trials and accomplishments. I now think of the theatre as my church – where I celebrate humanity, mourn our losses, cheer for our successes, question our motives, and search for truth. TimeLine’s mission ensures my experience will be meaningful.

TimeLine first cast Janet in PARAGON SPRINGS in 2004, during a time that many small Chicago storefront theatres had been closed down by the city due to code violations.

The way TimeLine handled the entire experience – from having to open a week late, organizing the construction work needed at the same time as rehearsing the upcoming show, and keeping everyone informed of the process and progress along the way – was so professional, organized and efficient. I knew I wanted to work at TimeLine again and again. I knew these were people to be trusted!

Other Chicago credits include TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS, PIPELINE, and NATIVE GARDENS (Victory Gardens), THE CHILDREN (Steppenwolf), THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS and OVER THE TAVERN (Theatre at the Center), PLANTATION (Lookingglass), and BY THE WATER (Northlight). Television and film credits include SENSE8, BOSS, FARGO, CHICAGO JUSTICE, DIVERGENT, FOOLS, M.O.M., and ONE SMALL HITCH. Janet is a proud union member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA and is represented by Gray Talent Group.

When she first moved to Chicago, Janet began working for Child’s Play Touring Theatre in 1991 and remained with the company through March of 2005. CPTT toured nationally, with the mission to encourage and validate children’s creativity by adapting and performing stories and poems written by children. Work there included 4 1/2 years of touring, acting as Company Manager; directing the acting companies after the death of Artistic Director Victor Podagrosi; creating curriculum and implementing programming into schools and summer camps; and teaching arts integrated professional development workshops with teachers in public and private schools in Chicago and nationally. Janet served on the board of The Illinois Theatre Association in the late 90’s.

Janet spent most of her twenties working seasonally at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, singing and dancing in the Saloon Show, as well as playing various Hatfield and McCoy characters in street shows and acting as Emcee for the bands playing in the Main Street Gazebo.  During the winter she worked in Kansas City, MO at various theatres including Dinner Playhouse Inc.’s Tiffany’s Attic and Waldo Astoria, Theatre Project (currently Unicorn Theatre) and doing commercial work through Abby Dix & Assoc.

Janet holds a BFA degree in Theatre from Central Missouri State University (currently University of Central Missouri), where she received the 2001 Ed See Outstanding Theatre Alumnus Award and an MFA degree in Acting from Western Illinois University.

Member of Actors' Equity Association