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Building a hole

Over the past 11 weeks of Wasteland, we’ve watched as audiences step into the theater and are immediately drawn into the world of the play before one word of the script is uttered. ...
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Sometimes it takes a play

The best kind of theatre breaks down boundaries. As chance would have it, the year that I started working at TimeLine Theatre was also the year that my grandparents moved to Chicago ...
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Shedding light underground

A few weeks ago when Wasteland was still in its rehearsal process, TimeLine Artistic Director PJ Powers (PJP) talked with Chicago playwright Susan Felder (SF) about her life as an actor, director ...
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Timing can be everything

Sometimes it helps to be just a little bit lucky. This notion obviously isn’t new to me—I am continually aware of my great fortune to have been around the right people at ...
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Our 2012-13 season

Breaking news today! We’ve announced TimeLine’s 2012-2013 season — an incredible collection of plays that are all new to Chicago, including one world premiere! With a stunning new script by local playwright ...