Announcing new Artistic Producer of Innovative Partnerships

Today we’re excited to announce that Tiffany Fulson has been promoted to the newly created full-time position of Artistic Producer of Innovative Partnerships, effective immediately.

Tiffany Fulson

In this new position within the Living History Education Program, Tiffany will play a pivotal role in growing community-based programming, working to expand the diversity of perspectives reflected in TimeLine’s artistic programming and audience development, and contributing to strategic growth of Living History. The position also will be instrumental in developing practices to help the entire organization be more accountable, equitable, and healthy.

Tiffany first joined our part-time staff in 2016 as a Teaching Artist, after completing two teaching practicums with the Living History team through the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Teaching Artist Program. The following year, she became Education Assistant—helping to manage, develop, and strategize Living History. In 2018 she took on the challenge of launching and leading TimeLine’s first summer program for youth, TimeLine South. Based in Bronzeville, the program planted the initial seeds of artistic community programming.

That I arrived as a fresh, curious intern and have become empowered as a leader today, shows that TimeLine is dedicated to dreamers who wish to redesign the status quo of theatre! I am ecstatic to be in a space of collaboration with intentions to expand, rethink, and create access to wellness to achieve a deep level of work and find the intersection of social justice and the arts.  – Tiffany Fulson

“This past year, we’ve had to put a lot of hopes on hold, so welcoming Tiffany to TimeLine full-time is especially thrilling,” said Living History Program Director Juliet Hart. “Her focus, passion, and vision are exactly what we need as we continue to grow and evolve as an organization that cares for the many individuals who contribute to our art, as well as the greater community we belong to.”

Tiffany’s impact through her work at TimeLine has already proved meaningful and far-reaching, particularly to the students she has taught and mentored along the way. Andrea Garcia first joined TimeLine as a member of the inaugural 2018 TimeLine South Ensemble and by 2020 was the Artistic Intern for the program. “Tiffany has been an inspiration to me since I joined TimeLine,” Garcia said. “She always taught me that it is okay to be fully expressive and to be loud—most importantly, to be heard—because we all have great stories to tell. No matter how we identify, we are always accepting of others! You’re loved and always supported in our ensemble!”

Fulson backstage with the TimeLine South 2018 Ensemble and Teaching Artists.
Tiffany’s new role 

As TimeLine navigates the COVID-19 pandemic and looks ahead to a future new home in Uptown, the company has been guided by key strategic goals. This new staff position furthers those goals by:

— Expanding diversity in every element of TimeLine’s organization and programming, focusing on what it means to not only share the stage with diverse bodies, but to share the experience with a diverse audience and communities that feel invited to engage with the company’s mission;

— Helping the Living History Program grow in a way that centers healthy communities and nurtures a healing approach to building relationships in and outside of the classroom;

— Creating more flow between Living History and the organization’s artistic processes, including season planning, mentorship opportunities, and integrating community voices and concerns;

— And challenging the status quo as TimeLine evolves to create a workplace for artists, staff, and partners that is creative, inviting, and ever-changing.

Inherent in these efforts is a discussion about what community truly means as TimeLine works to spark change within its organization and community relationships, and to heal together through theater and art. 

Tiffany’s leadership has already been transformative, launching and directing TimeLine South and bringing her joyous spirit into Chicago Public Schools classrooms. Building upon that work, in her expanded role she will forge new relationships and partnerships throughout Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. And as TimeLine continues our plans for a new home in Uptown, we look forward to creating a welcoming, inclusive gathering place, making connections in that community that celebrate the vibrancy and history of the neighborhood.
Artistic Director PJ Powers

Fulson joins TimeLine’s current full-time staff of 12, which has remained steady through the pandemic. The expansion of TimeLine’s Living History team through the creation of this new position was made possible due to recent funding from Allstate Insurance Company. In addition to Allstate, the first corporate sponsor of Living History, other major supporters include The Crown Family, Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, John and Jessica Fullerton, A.L. and Jennie L. Luria Foundation, Robert and Eleanor Meyers, Polk Bros. Foundation, and multiple anonymous contributors, as well as the donors to TimeLine’s Annual Fund and Step Into Time gala. TimeLine South is sponsored by Anita Samen and David Follmer in memory of their son, Daniel Samen Follmer.

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