We’re thrilled to return to Broadway In Chicago’s Broadway Playhouse with the internationally acclaimed The Lehman Trilogy. Here is the most up-to-date information about attending the show with your TimeLine FlexPass:

The TimeLine Box Office is your Subscriber Hotline.

Please call TimeLine at 773.281.8463 x6, email boxoffice@timelinetheatre.com, or visit our website at timelinetheatre.com/flexpass-reservations to make all your reservations and exchanges.

While you will be able to ask the Broadway Playhouse Box Office questions when you arrive, they will not be best equipped to serve your subscriber needs. TimeLine should be your point of contact to ensure the smoothest experience when booking your FlexPass reservations and Bring-a-Friend tickets.

Reservations & Exchanges

Do I have to make a reservation by a deadline?

We’re recommending that TimeLine subscribers submit first- and second-choice reservation requests to TimeLine as soon as possible.  You can call the TimeLine Box Office (773.281.8463 x6) or use the online FlexPass Reservation request form.

Single-tickets are currently on sale to the general public through Broadway In Chicago. Reservations and exchange requests will continue to be fulfilled with the best available options, but we can’t guarantee first-choice dates and we may not be able to keep your party together. 

What if I need to exchange my tickets closer to (or on the day of) my performance?

Your FlexPass will remain flexible, and—pending availability—we will be able to exchange your ticket for another date. If you are exchanging tickets, we may not be able to keep your party seated together on a new date.

If you want to make any exchanges or changes to your reservation—last minute or otherwise—contact the TimeLine Theatre Box Office at 773-281-8463 x6. TimeLine will be able to give you the most personalized service.

What if I want to bring a friend and use my Bring-A-Friend discount?

You will absolutely be able to bring friends and use your $10 OFF per ticket discount for The Lehman Trilogy. You can request to bring a friend, as usual, via the online FlexPass Reservation request form. We will strive to seat all parties together or as close to each other as possible. If you add a friend to your reservation after you have received your seat location(s), we may not be able to seat your whole party together.


Where will my seats be? Can I choose where my seats will be?

Unlike TimeLine’s usual pick-your-seat-when-you-arrive process, your seats for The Lehman Trilogy will be reserved for you from exclusive subscriber sections of Broadway In Chicago’s Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place. Your seats will be the best available seats at the time you reserve. As always, we will work with you to determine accessible seating needs for this venue.

We will confirm the location of your seats before your performance. TimeLine and the Broadway Playhouse will honor accessible seating requests and will do our best to keep whole parties together.

How big is Broadway In Chicago’s Broadway Playhouse?

549 seats. You can see pictures of the venue at Broadway Playhouse’s website. You can find a seating chart for the Broadway Playhouse here

Can I see where the TimeLine exclusive subscriber sections are?

Because the seating map changes depending on the performance, we are not able to release the exact location of the subscriber sections. We are not able to fulfill requests for exact seats, but we will work to keep parties together and to honor accessible seating requests. If you would like to see a map with TimeLine’s general subscriber seating sections highlighted, you can do so here. PLEASE NOTE: certain seats may not be available, pending availability. 

I received my seat location(s), and I am interested in changing my reservation — what can I do? 

Our subscribers are welcome to exchange into other performance dates, if seats are available. We cannot guarantee that your party will be kept together in your new performance date, although we will try our best to do so. Please note that most subscribers are entitled to two free exchanges per production, so exchange charges may apply. 

If you would like to request a change to your seat location(s) while remaining in the same performance date, we invite you to join the wait list for that performance. If any seats that meet your specifications become available, TimeLine will notify you. To join the wait list please send us an email at boxoffice@timelinetheatre.com.


Will my subscriber tickets be mailed to me?

TimeLine subscriber tickets will be available as e-tickets, sent to subscribers by email in the week prior to their performance date. TimeLine subscribers who receive a confirmation email of their date and seat locations from TimeLine will await further details from the Broadway Playhouse closer to their performance date. 

Broadway In Chicago Subscribers

The Lehman Trilogy is included on my Broadway In Chicago subscription. Will I have to pay for it twice?

When you re-subscribe with Broadway In Chicago, you can request to take The Lehman Trilogy out of the package. Just mention that you are a TimeLine subscriber!

Venue & Services

What is the parking like at the Broadway Playhouse?

Broadway Playhouse recommends parking in the Water Tower Place Parking Garage at 163 E. Chestnut Street, right underneath the Broadway Playhouse. You can either buy parking in advance for this garage or you can use a “chaser” ticket from the theatre to secure a discounted rate. The discounted rates for theatre-goers are $13 for 5 hours.

How about accessible services like wheelchair seats and assisted listening devices?

TimeLine will take care of transferring your accessible seating notes and requests to Broadway In Chicago. The Broadway Playhouse has several wheelchair-accessible seats and locations. As for assisted listening devices and other accessible services, Broadway in Chicago is able to provide listening devices at the performance, free of charge, in exchange for a Driver’s License or ID. You can learn more about Broadway in Chicago’s offerings at www.broadwayinchicago.com/tickets/accessible-information/.

Will there be a TimeLine lobby display I can look at before the show?

Yes! We plan to install a lobby experience for patrons to enjoy before the show. The theatre lobby space normally opens 45 minutes prior to curtain for perusal.

What about pre- and post-show discussions? 

At this time, we are finalizing our event schedule. Stay tuned!

Details as of July 12, 2023.