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An online presentation conceived, created, and performed by the Timeline South Ensemble.


FULMINATION: Directors note intro from Tiffany Fulson

Hear from TimeLine South Program Director Tiffany Fulson about why you should watch 2020's TimeLine South's FULMINATION: DEAR DISMAL WORLD, THE TRUTH AWAITS right now.

FULMINATION: Dear Dismal World, The Truth Awaits

2020 has sparked a wave of outburst, outbreaks and outcries. A group of students are tasked with an activity to give voice to these issues that leads them on a bigger journey of taking action and fighting for justice. Together they will name the existence of the isms of the world while facing the incomparable enemy that they find within themselves and each other. This finale presentation by the TimeLine South 2020 Ensemble premiered on Friday, August 14, 2020. Running time is approximately 45 minutes. [presentation begins at marker 5:02]

FULMINATION: Post-Show Discussion

After the live premiere of TimeLine South's original show FULMINATION: DEAR DISMAL WORLD, THE TRUTH AWAITS, the TimeLine South Ensemble and Teaching Artists were joined by members of TimeLine's staff and general audience for a discussion around creating this one of a kind production, the challenges and opportunities of putting TimeLine South completely online this summer, and what the students are looking forward to in the future.

TimeLine South: Artists in Conversation

TimeLine Company Member (and Living History Teaching Artist) Charles Andrew Gardner sat down with some of the members of the TimeLine South summer education team to talk about the creation of TimeLine South, art making during a pandemic, and why cancelling this summer's program wasn't even a thought. Featuring TimeLine South Program Director Tiffany Fulson, TimeLine South Fellow Rachel Romero, and TimeLine South Intern Andrea Garcia.

TimeLine South: The Show MUST Go On

TimeLine South Program Director Tiffany Fulson gives us a taste of what to expect from the final performance of this summer's completely digital program and why her students are more than equipped for the task.

TimeLine South: Self Care Corners

This year's TimeLine South summer education program has added moments of wellness and self care as priorities throughout their time together. Join members of this year's ensemble and fellows as they take you through their personal Self Care Corners, giving you a glimpse into what inspires them, calms them, and helps them continue to bring their best selves to each and every day.

Land Acknowledgment

TimeLine recognizes Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of this land and respects the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories.

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Meet the Ensemble

Get to know the teens who were a part of TimeLine South 2020 and created Fulmination: Dear Dismal World, The Truth Awaits

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The Wellness Corner

Explore resources that the TimeLine South Ensemble worked with during their 6-week program, to help support wellness in your own life!

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Watch the Discussion

After the FULMINATION premiere, the TimeLine South Ensemble and teaching artists gathered with audience members to chat about the experience of creating the show.

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