Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 6:30pm (CDT)

Go behind-the-scenes with TimeLine’s Playwrights Collective—Dolores Díaz, Kristin Idaszak, Osiris Khepera, and David Rhee—for a first look at the creative process for their new plays!

The Playwrights Collective supports a diverse group of emerging and established writers in a two-year residency to develop plays inspired by TimeLine’s mission. Throughout the pandemic, the group has met regularly via Zoom, reading scenes, asking questions, discussing challenges, and sharing progress. Learn more about the Collective …

Now you can see scenes from each of the new plays they have been writing over the past year, then engage in a discussion moderated by Literary Manager Ben Thiem about their inspirations, writing process, and working together through the Collective.

The plays are:

Black Sunday by Dolores Díaz. When coyotes kill off Ma’s chickens, it sets off a series of disasters in 1930s Texas in the days leading up to a dust storm. An ecological horror that explores the conflicts surrounding climate change, race, and gender.

Revenge of the Holy Virgin Martyrs as Told by Hrotsvit of Gandersheim and Her Time Traveling Amanuensis by Kristin Idaszak. Escaping from a toxic work environment and a predatory boss, Jordan takes an impromptu vacation—and accidentally travels back in time to the tenth century. Mistaken for a thief by the canny nuns who live in a medieval abbey, she joins their efforts to protect themselves from a lecherous local lord and becomes the assistant to Hrotsvit, the first female playwright in the Western canon. A feminist farce about rape culture, faith, and a world without the male gaze.

THE FIVE by Osiris Khepera. Five Black Male Witches enter a seemingly innocuous warehouse in Mobile, Alabama after responding to a mysterious invitation. Upon arrival, they are greeted by a glass of red wine, a finely crafted wooden table, and an AI that sets in motion a series of events that have potentially devastating consequences. The learning curve is steep, and the fate of time rests in the balance of their choices, even though they may be the last ones to find out what’s at stake.

the feet of God by David Rhee. An Asian American theatre company is forced to confront the history of Asians in America when they put on a controversial play. With the backlash of the pandemic on their heels, the theatre company must decide to keep the status quo or find their voice and shake up the established norms of Asians in America.

My Kind of Town

World Premiere

May 1, 2012 - Jul 29, 2012

My Kind of Town puts a human face on the police torture scandal that has plagued Chicago for more than three decades. Veteran investigative journalist John Conroy covered the story, challenging public indifference to become one of the leading voices drawing attention to the charges. My Kind of Town is his passionate, groundbreaking new drama revolving around one imprisoned man’s fight for justice, inspired by the stories of numerous victims, police officers, prosecutors and families whose lives have been poisoned by the allegations. With interlocking storylines that humanize the play’s issues of corruption and responsibility, My Kind of Town sets the stage for a new conversation about today’s culture of law and order.


May 4, 2008 - Jun 2, 2008

TRUMBO is based on the letters of Dalton Trumbo, the legendary screenwriter who stood up to the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947 and was subsequently jailed and blacklisted as one of the “Hollywood Ten.” Through his brilliant and razor-sharp letters to friends, former friends and family, Trumbo is a fascinating and often spellbinding look at how the author of Spartacus, Roman Holiday and Exodus took on Congress, Hollywood and the Red Scare — and won.

Widowers' Houses

May 5, 2007 - Jun 1, 2007

Written and set in 1892, Widowers’ Houses is a hilarious yet scathing look at the ethics of making money. When a young doctor learns that his future father-in-law has earned his wealth by renting slum housing to the poor, the doctor refuses the dirty dowry that awaits him. But he must reconsider his righteous stance when he discovers alarming news about the source of his own income. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see George Bernard Shaw’s first play — the one that launched his career as one of the wittiest and most widely produced writers of his generation.


Nov 12, 2006 - Dec 18, 2006

Based on the autobiographical writings of Lillian Hellman, Lillian premiered on Broadway in January 1986 starring Tony Award-winner Zoe Caldwell.

The play is set in the waiting room of a New York hospital where Hellman awaits the death of her longtime companion Dashiell Hammett. As she waits, she reflects on her memories — growing up in New Orleans and New York, her successes and failures as an artist, her testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee and the myriad people and incidents that shaped her life.

Described as “ribald, poignant entertainment” by Time and a “beautifully constructed union of intellect and emotion” by The Washington Post, Lillianis a compelling portrait of an artist and woman who made unforgettable contributions to the worlds of theatre, literature and politics in America.

Martin Furey's Shot

World Premiere

May 3, 2005 - Jun 19, 2005

Written by veteran Chicago actor Maureen Gallagher, MARTIN FUREY’S SHOT takes us into the life and work of a photojournalist as he moves between his home in Chicago and the violence of the war zones he covers. Martin tries to balance the horrors he has seen in Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and pre-election South Africa with the normalcy he is expected to return to with his family and girlfriend. With his fellow photographers, Martin captures the struggles and dreams of a nation awaiting Nelson Mandela even as his own life falls apart.

Hannah and Martin (remount)

Aug 24, 2004 - Oct 10, 2004

Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt is thrown into turmoil when her lover and mentor, the renowned philosopher Martin Heidegger, develops ties to the Nazi party and becomes a vocal supporter of Hitler. After the war, she returns to Germany and must weigh the consequences of forgiving Martin for his actions and question whether or not love can truly conquer all.