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TimePieces Archive: 2011-2012 Season • • • • • WASTELAND by Susan Felder directed by William Brown Tuesday, February 7 at 7 pm at TimeLine Theatre, 615 W. Wellington Ave. Wasteland is the...
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SPECIAL THANKS: Playwrights Collective Festival 2021

...following Shane Kelly, Susan Kim, Samara Harris, Marisa Carr, Regina Victor, Maren Robinson, Jenna Soleo-Shanks, Matthew Carpenter, Emma Durbin, and Clare and Joe Idaszak. Additionally, I’m indebted to the Playwrights...
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Alumni of the Company and Board

...Peter Kuntz Michael B. Lowe Thaddeus J. Malik Edward Malone Jennifer Moeller Jessica Graham Nielsen Marilyn (Hess) Nolte Susan Payne Elizabeth “Libbet” Richter Ivan Rodriguez Bobbie Schultz Lolita Sereleas Debra...
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Step Into Time:

Jumpin' Jazz & Bathtub Gin 1923

...Larry Gill Maridee Quanbeck  Silver Sponsors Susan A. Payne Debra Siegel and Robert Altman Van Dam Charitable Foundation Bronze Sponsors Bulley & Andrews Philip Cable and Jennifer Siegenthaler JoAnne Dobrick...
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Alumni of the Playwrights Collective

...PLAYWRIGHTS COLLECTIVE Tyla Abercrumbie Will Allan Maureen Gallagher Calamity West 2013-2016 PLAYWRIGHTS COLLECTIVE Alice Austin John Conroy Emily Dendinger Frances Limoncelli Susan McLaughlin Karp Brett Neveu Return to current Playwrights...