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Inside A SHAYNA MAIDEL with playwright Barbara Lebow

                 Playwright Barbara Lebow During the rehearsal process for A Shayna Maidel, dramaturg Deborah Blumenthal spoke with playwright Barbara Lebow about her process creating the play and its resonance in today’s world. Learn more about the powerful play in her exclusive interview. What was your inspiration in writing this play? It came in little pieces, and I didn’t know what it was fully until after [the idea] had been around ...
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Breaking the story: Interview with journalist John Diedrich

It began as a “sort of dumb cop story,” according to investigative journalist John Diedrich, who got a tip that an agent working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) had his machine gun stolen from his car, which was parked outside a coffee shop in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. Little did Diedrich suspect that this tip would lead to a months-long investigative process, an award-winning series of articles, a spot on “This ...
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“We had to let our characters shine through”

“To Catch a Fish” director Ron OJ Parson (from left) and playwright Brett Neveu, with investigative journalist John Diedrich in Milwaukee. In a recent conversation with co-dramaturg Tanya Palmer (TP), playwright Brett Neveu (BN) describes the writing and research process for To Catch a Fish, ...
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A second chance with Sarah Ruhl

Tonight we open the second production of TimeLine’s 21st Season, Sarah Ruhl’s funny and beautiful In the Next Room or the vibrator play. We couldn’t be happier to have Sarah’s work on our stage, at long last, after years admiring her artistry. I admit, however, ...
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“There’s your theatre company”

A historic page from Nick Bowling’s journal. I’ve been cleaning a lot the past few weeks and I came by this journal that my friend Audrey Wasilewski gave me for my birthday in 1995. It’s a record of the unofficial first meeting of TimeLine. It ...
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Playwrights Collective Spotlight: Emily Dendinger

The Grand Illusion Show, or the Lady Magician Play Even in this day and age, we don’t have enough stories on stage about ambitious women actively seeking out the life they want, regardless of the obstacles in their way. 2013-2016 Playwrights Collective, Emily Dendinger For ...
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